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If you want to staff through us all you would need to do is let your potentials know you are hiring through PNWR and to come to the office at 535 E 8th ST here in Port Angeles and fill out an application. We do everything else. All vetting, UA’s (optional), backgrounds (optional), payroll, Insurance, L&I, W2’s. All you do is, of course, supervise and manage the worker on the job site, sign a timecard at the end of the week (for payroll which they hand into me) then we bill you. That’s it. It’s PERFECT for temporary or even permanent workers because it saves you from having to onboard and payroll them.

We can also recruit for you with the understanding you will run them through our payroll. We have many talented individuals waiting to meet the right Employer!

Our office is geared to being a great resource for the community, both for Employees and Employers.

Our contracts are friendly and adaptable to suit your preferences. We will show you the best customer service in town period!

We're driven to make doing business with our agency as comfortable and streamline for everyone involved.

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