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Attire Program


                        Pacific Northwest Resourcing’s ATTIRE Mission

The idea of this program is to partner with the job seeker in providing them attire to wear when searching for work or attending job interviews. Many simply do not have the resources or funds to clothe themselves appropriately for job interviews. Feeling like you can place your best foot forward will boost confidence and general wellbeing. There’s fascinating research on how clothing affects performance! I need your donations to make this work!


Who will receive these benefits?

-Those actively looking for work and attending job interviews.

-Those able to successfully pass a Drug Screening.

-They must provide a written letter to Pacific Northwest Resourcing as to why they feel they would be an ideal recipient for this program, their current goals and where they see themselves in two years.


PNWR is honored to aid those who match these criteria! We are the only local clothing program available.

All our items are kindly and generously donated from members within our community that share the same vision of pulling together and supporting each other as we do.

This entire program is based on the clothing and toiletries we receive via donations. We are grateful for even the smallest donation. Everything donated is put to good use.

Most of our recipients acquire 2 to 3 great outfits per application. If the waitlist is fulfilled, we will open our arms again to prior Attire recipients. We don’t want the donations ‘sitting’. They are donated for the purpose of being used.

What we need to be donated-

Men and Women’s clothing and shoes.  All sizes. INCLUDING medical Scrubs

Men and Women’s unused toiletries. (deodorant, cosmetics, fragrance, etc.)

Men’s work boots and outer gear.


Please contact Paula Nelson@ 360 797 1097 or email

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Want to Sign Up?

                Attire Program

Thank you for your Interest!

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